Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Thursday 9 October 2014

Happenstance Cafe (Dog-Friendly) (35 Opal Crescent, Singapore 328425) Reservation for weekends only: 6341 7871

Visited on 4 Oct 2014 (Sat). Good news for all dog-owners as this is a new popular place for your furkids to meet with their friends! This few-months-old pet cafe in Bendemeer is always full of furkids and humans whole day throughout the weekends! So do make a reservation first before you head down, otherwise you might have to stand there waiting for an empty table. (Reservation only for weekends)

I like the longish layout here. Humans can sit & dine comfortably at one side while the furkids can play among themselves at the spacious area in front.

There're some pet magazines for you to read in the small wall-mounted shelf if you're feeling neglected by your furkid! Haha..

There's a pee-tray for pee, rubbish for the poo, and a mop for dog owners to clean up after their furkids pee elsewhere. These are very neatly placed at the spacious area, so please kindly use it. There are small pens too if you need to separate your furkid from the rest.

Cutie strawberry water bowl for the furkids! 

Accessories for furkids!

Some cakes & drinks

Human Food and Drinks Menu

Lover's Rose ($5.50+)

This is my first time seeing floral tea on the menu of a pet cafe, which is why most tables will order their tea selection. My Favourite Tea here (Lover's Rose) - A calming blend of organic chamomile, lavender and rose-scented cuppa (This is Non-Caffeinated) A tad sour with a tad sweet. Very refreshing tea!

Latte ($4.50+)
The latte here was surprisingly quite good compared to other pet cafes..

Cottage Pie ($10.90+)
Mashed potato topped casserole with tender chicken, portobello mushrooms, cheese and a dash of truffle oil, served with rocket salad or fries.. The cheese was a little hard and dry. I would've preferred it to be slightly moist and creamier, the "melt-in-the-mouth" type...

Golden Beer-battered Fish & Chips ($13.90+)
The dory fish fillet was fried till golden brown on the outside while the fillet was still tender inside. The fries were sprinkled with black pepper for extra taste, Yummy! (You can choose to have rocket salad or fries) It was served on a black long tray instead of those normal boring plates which made the whole dish look very presentable - Especially the way they arranged the fish n chips! Thumbs up for their creative effort!

Chocolate Lava Muffin with a scoop of Coffee ice-cream ($6.50+)
The muffin was a tad hard.. Served warm with molten chocolate center.. The ice-cream was already melted when served... This was mediocore..

Pasta Menu for Human

And Create Your Own Pasta Menu for Your Furkid

Pasta Creation For Furkid ($6.50+)
My Pasta Creation for my furkid - Butterflies Pasta + Zucchini + Pork Meat! I really love the butterflies pasta, so pretty!!! It looked delicious... And this was the BEST food presentation for dogs i've seen so far! This was also the most well spend $ on the food for my furkid compared to other pet cafes! 

Find this bowl shape very familiar??

This is my furkid - Snowy!!! She enjoyed her pasta & pork meat so much!!! Can guess the bowl shape?

Tada - Yes it's a Hello Kitty bowl! My Snowy girl finished all the food and licked the bowl non-stop!

Hello - This is Stacy!

And this is the Smiling Cutie "Tofu"!

And here is pretty "Twinkle"!

Overall Impression: So far this is the BEST Pet Cafe we have been to! Even if you don't own a pet but love pets, you can just come here for lunch or dinner and enjoy watching the furkids run about, it's very fun! 

From the presentation of food + food bowl + water bowl they used to serve for the furkid, we can see the owner of this cafe was very meticulous, and an animal lover himself/herself. 

As for the food, although it's not fantastic, but I have to say that the food quality is among the better ones compared to other pet cafes. Waiting time for the food was quite long but time passed quickly as we had so many lovely furkids there to focus on, so this wasn't a big issue for us. :)

Note: The cafe here only charges 10% service charge, NO GST here - Hooray! The parking here are all roadside parallel parking lots so be prepared to bring enough parking coupons ya!



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