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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ala Carte Lunch at Szechuan Court (80 Bras Basah Road - Fairmont Singapore, Level 3)

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations! 
Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Daily - 12:00pm to 2:30pm (Dim Sum a la carte available, last order at 2:15pm)

Daily - 6:30pm to 10:30pm (Last order at 10:15pm)

A La Carte Dim Sum Buffet:
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday - 12:00pm to 2:15pm

Visited on 24 June 2017 (Sat). Szechuan Court is renowned for serving some of the finest Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine in Singapore. This chinese restaurant exude oriental charm and elegance with enchanting fuschia and red interior! To be honest, I was captivated by the lovely deco to dine here! Indeed the restaurant is really beautiful and very big with a few private rooms!


 City view from our window seat table.

One of their private dining rooms!

Silver Needle White Peony ($10++ per person)
I ordered one of their premium tea selection - "Silver Needle White Peony" in a small teapot, water is refillable. They also have normal types of tea at a cheaper price. 

Sea Cucumber Broth, Fish Maw ($18++ per person)
Although the broth was not thick, but the overall taste was still quite flavourful and nice!

Wok-Fried Sliced Chicken, Young Ginger, 
Sweet And Sour Sauce
(S) $28++ / (M) $42++
This was the small portion at $28++. Although this sounds like a simple dish, we were very impressed after the first bite! The texture of the chicken meat was sooooo smooth and sooooooo tender. This complemented very well with their light, but delicious sweet and sour sauce. How I wish the outside zichar stalls can have such standard. Nonetheless, I'm willing to pay more to savour this high quality dish. I will come back again and get the medium portion next time! :P

White King Prawn steamed with Egg White
($14++ per piece)
They will slice the prawn into half like the above. That means if u order 1 piece, you will get 2 plates of the above = 1 piece of prawn. I was disappointed to see the egg white was only bits and pieces in the soy sauce. As the price is high, of course the prawn was big, really shiok to eat king prawn! Overall the taste was still good despite the unattractive appearance. Haha!

Cod Fish steamed with Soya Bean Crumbs
($18++ per person)
The tender and smooth cod fish, cooked with fragrant soya bean crumbs, bathed in the savoury soy sauce... a very satisfying dish!

Cod Fish braised, Traditional Hong Kong Style
($18++ per person)
I would still preferred the cod fish to be steamed with soya bean crumbs, rather than this traditional hong kong style.

Pandan Ice Jelly, Honey Sea Coconut
($8++ per person)
I liked the taste of the fragrant pandan ice jelly. But the presentation really didn't look appealing. The presentation could be better if they used fancier tableware

Overall Impression: Nowadays most hotel chinese restaurants will place focus on their food presentation. However, here, I felt that there wasn't much effort put into the presentation of their food and dessert. Hope they can improve in this area. Food was not great, but still decent. The prices here are on the high side, so this place will be good for those who have the Far Card or the Amercian Express Platinum Card with 10-50% discount (depending on the number of diners).

Their service was really slow and we always cannot get any staff. They have to improve in their service as this place is not cheap.

Amex Platinum Credit Card Holders & The Far Card Members are entitled to the discount below: 
(No Blackout Dates)
Number of diners
Usual member reductions
Member plus 1 guest (2 adults)
Member plus 2 guests (3 adults)
Member plus 3 guests (4 adults)
Member plus 4-9 guests (5-10 adults)
Member dining alone

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ala Carte Dinner at Wan Hao (320 Orchard - Singapore Marriott Hotel, Level 3) Reservation: 6831 4605

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Operating Hours:

(Monday to Friday)
Lunch: 12PM to 3PM
Dinner: 6.30PM to 10.30PM

(Saturday , Sunday and Public Holiday)
Lunch: 11.30AM to 3PM 
Dinner: 6.30PM to 10.30PM

Visited on 11 Dec 2016 (Sat). Wan Hao is an award-winning chinese restaurant that has reopened its doors during Oct 2016 after a major refurbishment. The restaurant is helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean that serves well-executed Cantonese cuisine. Wan Hao is consistently listed as one of the top restaurants in Singapore and heralded for its impressive wine list of over 300 selections and excellent appeal to wine lovers.

They have some private rooms at this area here. Below photo is one of their private room!

I love this sofa seat at this cosy corner. There were only two sofa seat table here.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Braised Golden Superior Stock, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Bamboo Shoot
The soup was flavourful but I prefer thicker broth. Overall was not bad as you could taste the goodness boiled into the clear broth.

Wok-Fried Iberico Pork, Home-Style Spiced Sauce
Pork slices were tender and thoroughly infused with the black pepper and other spices. Wonderful flavours in this dish! Not forgetting to mention the beautiful bowl shape created by the chef.

Wan Hao Signature Crispy Chicken
(Half: $22++, Whole: $40++)
 The above is for half portion. The chicken was served with deep fried cod fish strips (the kind you find as snacks). I find this combination was very special and great! The chicken was moist and quite tender while the skin was thin and crisp. You won't go wrong with this dish.

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lemon Sherbet
 This is a very popular dessert here. After a full meal, this is the best dessert with the right amount of sweetness from the lemongrass jelly and some zestiness from the lemon sherbet to cleanse your palate!

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Red Wine Granite & Diced Dragon Fruit ($13++)
This is such a unique 3-in-1 dessert creation! The dragon fruit was filled with chilled lemongrass jelly at the bottom, diced dragon fruit and red wine granite. The red wine granite was such a gem, it tasted like a red wine grape sorbet that melted in my mouth! How I wish the red wine granite can be bigger.... Must Order!

Overall Impression: Service was good but the waiting time for the food was really quite long. Hope they can improve on the waiting time. I was actually quite impressed with the chef's creativity in terms of dishes or dessert. Food presentation and quality was quite good with nice ambience. Perfect venue for families to celebrate their CNY here!


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tung Lok Signatures (1 HarbourFront Walk, Vivocity, #01-57, Singapore 098585)

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!
Opening Hours : 

Lunch : 11.30AM – 3.00PM (Mon to Sat) 

Lunch : 11.00AM – 3.30PM (Sun & PHs) 

Dinner : 6.00PM – 10.30PM (Daily) 

Visited on 31 Oct 2016 (Mon). TungLok Signatures offers a tantalising range of traditional Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan dishes with a dash of Modern creations. The Vivo City outlet was established since Nov 2006.

These are the tables behind!

Charcoal Grilled Honey Pork Shoulder ($20++)
This is like those char siew that we usually had. Nothing special..

Poached Star Garoupa Fillet in Chicken Stock ($38++)
This dish was nice and a healthy dish but very little garoupa fillet with too much vegetables inside. The chicken stock was light, not that flavourful. 

Crisp-Fried Cod Fish ($15++ per person)

The exterior skin was very crispy but the meat was a tad tough.

Poached Crispy Rice with Fresh Crab Meat in Superior Broth ($32++)

This was a comforting claypot poached rice that is best to eat together with other dish, at least it's better than normal rice..

Pan-Fried Spanish Iberico Pork ($15++ per person)

This is the BEST dish but price was very steep at $15++ with such a small portion but quality matters! The marination was extremely aromatic!

Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo, Dried Mango & Sago with Ice-Cream served in Mini Coconut ($8++)

This is their most popular dessert that you have to try! In chinese it's called "雪中情怀" - Xue Zhong Qing Huai (Very romantic name hor..Heez) It was served with 3 scoops of very yummy coconut ice-cream, sweet mango sago and some oats. And you can also scrape the coconut flesh to enjoy together. You will feel high satisfaction after having this delightful dessert~

Chilled Avocado & Beancurd Pudding 
Topped with Vanilla Ice-Cream ($6++)

I'm not an avocado lover but the taste was light with premium vanilla ice-cream! Another nice dessert!

Other Food Menu

Overall Impression: We were there for dinner. Their service was quite good and food was served fast despite they're almost full house. Quality of the food was in middle range but with small portion of food. They have the BEST Chinese dessert selection among so many chinese restaurants in shopping mall. With the amex credit card promotion below, i will still come back for more!