Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Monday, 23 June 2014

Beer Market @Clarke Quay (3B River Valley Road, #01-17/02-02)

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

 Book now through Chope for instant reservations!

Operating Hours: 

Tue-Thu: 6pm - 1am
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 6pm - 3am
Closed on Monday & Sunday

Visited on 14th June and 20th Sep 2014 (Sat). Beer Market is not those usual pubs or bars we've seen anywhere. For those who have never been to Beer Market, you would be surprised to see many TV screens around the bar that show the prices of the beer on the Beer Market Exchange (BMX). Beer Market is the perfect blend of good quality food, music and sports whereby the prices of the beverages move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. Obviously, the concept of Beer Market was inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange. Buy Low Drink High! Beer Market will get you high on food and beer!

Note: If a brand goes for 30 minutes without a buyer, the price will start to slide.

When the price drops (Red), you know it's time to buy. 

When the price goes up (Green), you might want to consider other brands. Prices bottom out when they are in (White)

Almost all the beers are listed on BMX and the prices are updated every half an hour. Act fast to order your favourite brew before the trading period closed otherwise prices of popular brews will keep go up. In short, the more popular the brew, the higher the price! So if you do not want to pay so much more, why not grab this chance to try those uncommon beer that you never had before at a much lower price... (See photo below - The screen will start to countdown the time left before the trading period closed)  It's a fun experience isn't it?

Sofas are for members only. For the general public, a minimum purchase of at least 2 bottles of hard liquor such as (Whiskey or vodka) is needed...

Sports Bar High Table! (Our Favourite Spot to watch football, play darts and pool)

You can find these darts machine and the pool table below at the sports bar! The smoking room is at the left side of these darts machine. 

Beer Market not only sell different types of alcohol, i'm impressed that they have quite an extensive food menu as well! I will try one by one on my each visit and update here!

They have very unique and interesting pizza creations here that you must try - Singaporeans' favourite food on a pizza! Chicken Rice Pizza ($17.90) and Salted Egg Seafood Pizza ($21.90) only at Beer Market! Started to drool already? 

Chicken Rice Pizza ($17.90+)

The taste was exceptional except the chicken was a tad tough. The pizza comes with 8 slices. I still preferred the salted egg seafood pizza below!

Salted Egg Seafood Pizza ($21.90+)

Wow this pizza is awesome! First time having crabmeat, tiger prawns, and fish chunks on a salted egg yolk base. Generous serving of the seafood items. Of course it tasted salty and fantastic with the yummy fresh seafood ingredients on a crispy thin crust. Must Try!!!!!

Mojito Cocktail at $15+ and Hoegarden Bottle at $9.30+

Managed to buy Erdinger Weisse Pint at $13.10+ when the price is low! Shirley Temple at $10+..

There is live band here as well! Very nice vocal from the female singer!

You will see families with kids in this pub as well... LoL

The service here was good. Beer Market definitely is an awesome place to chill out with friends, with nice food as well as a great place to watch football! Of course this place will become my favourite hangouts from now on! :-)

Note: No Service Charge here!

Beer Market @Clarke Quay only accept online reservations.

Sun to Thurs: 6pm to 1am;  Fri, Sat and Public Holiday Eves: 6pm to 3am (Closed every Mon except Eves of Public Holidays)

Any inquiries, please call 9661 8283 (after 6pm)


Beer Market @557 Bukit Timah Road, Crown Centre, #01-03 only accept phone reservations 

Mon to Thurs: 5pm to 12am; Fri - Sun and Public Holidays: 5pm to 1am (Closed on Wed)

Any inquiries/reservations, please call 9679 0004 (after 5pm)

*Highly Recommended*


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