Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Saturday, 28 September 2013

(CLOSED DOWN) Signature Stone Restaurant (招牌石锅饭店) 729 Havelock Road Singapore 169649 - Reservation: 6271 9918

I would like to highly recommend this newly opened little restaurant since May 2013 along the stretch of shophouses at Havelock Rd with their specialties of Asian & Western Signature Stone Pot. There is a wide variety in their menu, so u can always try different dish each time you're there. They have steamboat here as well! The good thing here is NO GST CHARGE and the food here are all Without MSG! Bear in mind that the waiting time for the Stone Pot is about 15-20mins. The service staff here are very friendly which let us feel like home. Prices here are very affordable and the food was good quality too. It's really Value For Money!

Let me start off with the items I've tried which are worth to order!

Stone Pot Wine Chicken - $9
 This is A Must-Order Item!!! It was served piping hot, bubbling in the hotstone bowl. Trust me, the broth will make you feel like drinking non-stop. (The taste is Slightly Spicy+Slightly Sour+Slightly Salty)  The chicken are super tender too! *Drool*

 Fish Maw Soup (Small-$16, Big $28) 
This Small Pot of Fish Maw can serve between 2-3 bowls. The Fish Maw is QQ and the Broth is Tasty & Thick..Yummy! Do order this when you're there. I just can't have enough  of this... 

 Onion Cheese Mushroom Omelette - $6

 Though it's a simple looking Omelette, the cheese in it will melt in your mouth! It's only $6, worth to order!

Stone Pot Ham & Cheese Rice - $10.90
I love Ham & Cheese combination, it will never go wrong! Nice!

Stone Pot Garlic Herb Salmon - $12.30
I personally feel that the garlic taste is a bit too strong for me but if you're a garlic fan, then this is the 1 for u!

Lemon Sherbert - $2.80
This is a Must Order Dessert to end your meal - Lemon Sherbert! The portion is very big, like a Snowball! The taste is just right, not that sour and very refreshing! Yummy Yummy!

Quick Glance on 1 of their Menu Page!
Their Luohan Longan drink is also very nice, at $2.50!