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Monday, 1 December 2014

(Closed Down) Brunch at Hediard Cafe (123-125 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court - next to Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247921) Reservation: 6333 6683

Visited on 16 Nov 2014 (Sun). Hediard is a French Cafe & Gourmet Boutique that serves exquisite breakfast and high tea located along Tanglin Road. Hediard also offers online shopping experience for consumers to purchase gifts, chocolates, cookies, coffees, teas & infusions etc...

Nearest Parking to Hediard Cafe: Tanglin Mall - You will see Tudor Court when you come out from the entrance.

Hediard Cafe has a bold Red and Black mysterious settings! The cafe is quite small and cosy.

One Jar of Homemade Jam & Honey

Hediard Breakfast Set - $19++

Comes with Madeleine blend Coffee accompanied with a dark chocolate, Orange Juice freshly squeezed.

Pain Au Chocolat Viennoiserie

Fried Egg and Hediard Country Style Toasted Bread & Butter

The Black Truffles High Tea Set - $28++
1 Truffle creamy french scrambled eggs, 1 Truffle torchon Foie Gras toast, 1 Truffle artichoke heart, 1 Truffle Tarama toast, 1 Truffle & white chocolate Macaron and 1 Truffle Honey Panna Cotta. A Premium Quality high tea set!

Comes with Hediard Blend Tea (Wide Selection of tea)

Hediard Gourmet Boutique 
You can purchase these items from their online store - Click the Hediard banner below or the right side bar to view or purchase their items! (X'mas is coming, get some gifts for your love ones, friends or colleagues! )

Overall the service was prompt and good. Decent breakfast set and unique high tea set with pretty small portion. Prices are on the high side but i think it's nice to indulge ourselves sometimes and have a try on their other French breakfast and high tea, you'll probably feel like you're in Paris! Haha..

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Henri Charpentier Singapore (9A Dempsey Road, Singapore 247698) Walk-In Only. Enquiries: 6479 5518

Visited on 19 Oct 2014 (Sun). Renowned French-inspired Japanese Patisserie "Henri Charpentier" has finally opened their first global dessert salon in Singapore in Oct 2014! Henri Charpentier was nestled among lush greenery on the top of Dempsey Hill, just beside "House" restaurant.

Opening Hours: 11.00am - 10.00pm daily

Note: In order to have a better gastronomic experience here, it's best to arrive earlier. Otherwise it will be very crowded, service might not be that good and you can't enjoy the peaceful and relax ambience..

The covered walkway with striking fuchsia carpet!

Henri Charpentier can accommodate 30 guests at the alfresco area

Upon entering the main entrance, you'll be greeted by a merchandising section, with an array of beautifully boxed gifting options..

Beautifully made Japanese sweets!

Henri Charpentier can accommodate up to 50 guests indoors

Luxurious & romantic setting - Suitable for a date with your partner or girls gathering!

Front seats by the window with some alfresco seats outside as well.. I was impressed that their logo was even printed on the arm chairs!

This area by the window is for 1-2 persons..

Relax while enjoying the view of the greenery outside...

The only table-for-4 by the window, is located at the back of the restaurant ..

Full set of their food and beverage menu below 

A Pot of Second Flush Darjeeling Tea ($14++)
The tea was light and refreshing, but the price was too steep...

Flower Temptation ($25++)
Exclusive dessert only available in Singapore! Sautéed pineapple, caramel-flavored chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse are placed in a bowl resembling a flower made of sugar. The dessert is finished by being flambéed with orange liqueur. Enjoyed looking at the flames, which are like flowers in bloom. 

The flaming effect was not that prominent as the daylight by the window was too bright...

Upon being doused with the flaming liqueur, the sugar bowl begins to melt away, flowing down the sides of the dessert tower. The sugar bowl was very solid, hard to bite. I like the chocolate mousse, but the liquor was a tad too much so it tasted quite bitter.. This dessert was quite high quality but the taste was not as good as the dome (below).

Short video of the flaming process for Flower Temptation

Dome ($29++)
Exclusive dessert only available in Singapore and also the most expensive dessert here that you have to try!!! 

Upon pouring the warm liquor, the chocolate sphere quickly melts away to unveil the hidden sweet treat!

Tada - The chocolate sphere encloses a chocolate parfait biscuit of fraise d'amande (Strawberries & Almonds)

A little pot of raspberry sauce is served on the side, so you can decide how sweet you want it to be.

No more choco ball... I prefer this dessert - Dome than the flower temptation! The liquor was not that strong so the bitterness was very mild. With the chocolate & rasberry sauce, the whole combination here was excellent with a touch of crunchiness and sweetness! Happy that I've finally had the most expensive dessert in my life! (:

Short video of the flaming process for Dome

My loot from Henri Charpentier!

Les Financiers (5 pcs - $14.30+)
Two almonds (Marcona, Fritz that are rich in aroma) are blended with original cultured butter from Hokkaido. Enjoy the world-quality financier with the aroma of almond and cultured butter. The butter was truly aromatic and leaves a fragrant aftertaste! But it was a little too sweet though... Beautiful and elegant packaging makes this great for gifts.

Petits Gâteaux Assortis (8 pcs - $14.30+)
A fun selection of eight types of cakes which includes bite-sized versions of their leading Financier and Madeleine; the Chocolat de Nancy, made using an abundance of French chocolate; the Pistache, full of succulent pistachios; the Framboise, which gives off the delicate scent of raspberries; the Caramel Boule Sel, which tastes of salt and caramel; the Espresso, with its rich coffee taste; and the Pain D’epis, flavored with honey, lemon, orange, and various spices.

Overall Impression: 

As we were there early, the restaurant was not crowded so the service was quite good. No issues of food delay and ice water was refilled promptly too. The only problem is most of the staff are Japanese except 1 or 2 are local, so the Japanese staff may have some difficulty in understanding you fully. In my case, the staff wrongly packed one of the items I chose, so I had to make a trip back there to exchange.

So far I've only tried the above 2 desserts and the quality was quite good but not mind-blowing so i think it's way over-priced for a small dessert. The prices of their beverages are another killer as well... But.... i think everyone should visit this place at least once or twice to have an experience. I will visit again just to try their sliced cakes to see if it will make me go back the 3rd time!