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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Misato Japanese Restaurant (176 Orchard Road - The Centrepoint, #01-33E, inside Gastro area, next to Honolulu) Reservation: 6235 2822

Visited on 2nd July 2017 (Sun) and revisited many times. There are too many Japanese restaurants in Singapore, but I couldn't find one with premium quality food + cosy ambience + wallet-friendly prices. I'm so delighted that I found this hidden gem "Misato" and it has fulfilled all my descriptions! Hooray!!! 

Misato serves exquisite Japanese fine dining cuisine, using premium, fresh ingredients and condiments from Japan, with no added MSG at pocket friendly prices.

Directions to Misato: 
Follow the GASTRO+ sign at Level 1 and walk towards to Starbucks that direction, and you will see whole area of restaurants in a circle on your right. Misato is there!

Exquisite tableware from Japan!

Premium Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice in a teapot 
($3.90++ per person)

Chawanmushi ($4.90++)

Love their chawanmushi in a cutie bowl! Very silky texture with flavourful homemade dashi stock!

Misato Oyakodon ($13.90++)
Even the tray that they served together with the food is so pretty!

Look at their own version of Oyakodon.. I have never seen such a lovely Oyakodon before! The chef even used the tobiko to form a heart shape.. Their food was really made with love!!!  From the appearance, I think everyone should know the result. I tell you, this Okayodon is the best in Singapore! Silky chicken with fluffy omelette as well as another runny egg yolk in flavourful broth over Japanese rice. You will regret it if you have not try this dish. Note: Addictive dish! How I wish Misato can open at my house downstairs!!! 

Teriyaki Chicken Donburi ($13.90++)
Grilled chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce and Japanese rice. This was another great dish. The grilled chicken was tender with very very yummy teriyaki sauce!

Signature Seafood Kaminabe Set ($20.90++)
The seafood hotpot consist of live tiger prawns, fresh Norwegian Salmon, chicken, assorted mushroom, tofu & vegetables simmered in delicious niboshi broth & Japanese rice. I have to say this is the BEST Japanese hotpot that I had in Singapore! Everything was so fresh that I can taste the natural sweetness from the ingredients, immersed in the homemade yummy broth. 

Okonomiyaki ($14.90++)
Japanese savoury pancake with cabbage, egg & pork belly. Their okonomiyaki is made from high quality Japanese yam, no wonder it tasted so good!!!

Cheese Korokke ($7.90++)

Crispy breaded exterior with creamy mashed potato inside. It has savoury to sweet taste and expect the mozzarella cheese to ooze out! Love the unique presentation!!!

Homemade Gyoza 
($6.90++ for 6 pieces, $10.90++ for 10 pieces)
This is their unique version of gyoza. With a layer of thin crispy gyoza base atop, steamed chicken and vegetables dumpling served grill and dip sauce. The sauce was great!

Matcha Ice Cream ($5.90++)
Premium green tea ice-cream quality! So yummy!!!

Matcha Bavarois ($7.80++)
Cutie heart shape teaspoons!

Premium green tea french pudding using premium Japanese green tea powder! 
Note: This dessert is very wobbly! A nice dessert to end the meal.

Overall Impression: The service here was quite good as there was no crowd when we were there that day. Misato really takes pride in their tableware. As you can see from the photos, all the tableware are very unique and beautiful. As a customer, its a really wonderful feeling to indulge in good food complemented with the beautiful tableware! 

Rest assured that Misato serves high quality food here. There is probably nowhere else in Singapore that serves such a high quality Japanese food at these affordable prices! As the food is only prepared upon ordering, the waiting time might be longer, especially during peak hours and crowded times. But I guess all good food are worth for waiting! In my opinion, this is the only Japanese restaurant that is worth to keep visiting:)

*Highly Recommended*