Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Redpan (6, Raffles Boulevard - Marina Square, #02-03/04, Singapore 039594)

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Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 11am-10pm (extended to 11pm on Fridays)
Weekends and PH:  11am-10pm

Redpan’s kitchen closes from 3pm – 5.30pm (weekdays) & 4pm – 5.30pm (weekends).
Last orders 30 mins before closing.

Redpan is a collaboration between DP Architects and GRUB! This is my first time to hear an architecture firm paired with a F&B company. When you step into the restaurant, you'll be convinced from the design of their restaurant that it's really from the people behind of an architect company.

Through this collaboration, redpan aims to redesign the culinary experience.

Interior of Redpan (Photo from Redpan)


Flat White ($5++)

Mocha ($5++)
The mocha was really very thick!

Truffle Floss Fries ($9++)
Omg this was the BEST fries I've ever had in my life - Very addictive! Truffle + Mayo + Floss work wonders! Please remember to order this when you're there!

Grilled Kingfish Collar ($20++)
As you can see from the photo, they purposely grilled till a char taste. So if you don't like those charred taste, do not order this. The meat of the fish was surprisingly quite tender! Served with chinchalok chilli & salad.

"Har Cheong" Chicken Cutlet ($20++)
Chicken thigh coated & fried, marinated with prawn taste, served with smashed potatoes. I like this asian dish especially their smashed potatoes! They tasted so different from normal potatoes. This was my first time eating prawn paste chicken in cutlet style and it was indeed quite good!

Durian Baked Alaska ($9++)
Durian ice-cream encased with meringue & blow-torched. You will love this dessert if you're a durian lover!

Overall Impression: The service here was not bad, ambience is nice and cosy. Except when there're family with kids or babies, it will be noisy as the place is very small. The prices here is not cheap but quite good quality food they served, worth to try!


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Weekend Brunch Buffet at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar (270 Orchard Road - Grand Park Orchard, Level 4, Singapore 238857)

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Operating Hours:

Weekend Brunch Buffet: 11.30am to 2.30pm (3 Hours)
Price:  $68++ per adult (food only) $5++ per person for Chinese Tea

Kids under 6 dines free. 6 to 12 years old enjoy 50% off. 
Top up $60++ per person for free flow of cocktails, champagne, wines and beer.

Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Supper: 6.30pm to 1am 
(Thur to Sat; eve of Public Holidays)

Bar: 12pm to 1am (Sun to Wed), 
        12pm to 2am (Thur to Sat; eve of Public Holidays)

Mitzo is one of the chinese restaurants that serves Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist. The decor was very captivating with many colourful glass screens, looks like a party club! Unlike those usual traditional chinese restaurant deco, so boring...

Kick-start your weekend with the ultimate Yum Cha experience at Mitzo with a heady mix of gastronomy, cocktails and champagne. The menu features over 40 selections of dim sum, wok dishes and supreme seafood delicacies comprising of Bamboo Clam, Live Lobster and Abalone dish. There is also a playroom to keep the kids entertained! Have a elevated dining experience at Mitzo!

Kids Playroom

Parents can just sit back and enjoy their brunch buffet while Mitzo's playroom can keep the little ones busy watching cartoons, playing toys, colouring and drawing! The playroom is just adjacent to the dining hall, isn't Mitzo very thoughtful? Now you can bring your whole family to Mitzo without worry that the kids will disturb your brunch! They might even ignore you when you call them! Hahaha!

Enchanting Bar Counter with a Mini Aquarium

Tea is charged at $5++ per person. (We had Chrysanthemum Tea)

 Note: They have very nice spiced peanuts but they are charged at $5++ per person. So if you do not want to incur any additional costs, you may tell the staff to take away the peanuts. No need to feel paisei 1.

Weekend Brunch Buffet Menu
They will provide a few pieces of this order form on every table. 
Note: Do not order so much at one go, as they served the food pretty fast. 
You can order a few times separately.

Choice of 1 Serving of:

Steamed Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic in Soya
(Must Order)
I preferred this with minced garlic in soya than the spicy peanut sauce! But don't worry the peanut sauce is not that spicy at all. The bamboo clam was good, complemented so well with the enoki mushroom and the soya sauce!

Choice of 1 Serving of:
Steamed Bamboo Clam with Enoki Mushroom in Spicy Peanut Sauce
(Quite Good)

Choice of 1 Serving of: 
Deep-fried Lobster coated with Truffles Peanut Sauce
(Not Bad)

Choice of 1 Serving of:
Baked Lobster with Creamy Lemon Sauce & Cheese 
(Not Bad)

Choice of 1 Serving of:
Abalone Truffles Rice
(Not Bad)

Choice of 1 Serving of:
Braised Abalone with Tofu 
(Not Bad)

Choice of 1 Serving of:
Stir-fried XO Abalone with Asparagus XO
(Must Order)

Most of the abalones that I had at other chinese restaurants were quite tough, but the abalone here was quite tender with nice XO sauce!

Crispy Pork Belly served with Bun
(Quite Good)

They have quite nice pork belly but I prefer to eat without the bun and sauce. Maybe you can request to order just the pork belly without the bun and sauce, so that you won't get so full and you can taste the origin pork belly too. :)

Mitzo Special Barbecued Pork
(Die Die Must Try Ar!)

This is their signature special char siew. If you come here without trying their char siew, u have not been to Mitzo!! I don't want to be exaggerating, but it's the truth. Your eyes will pop out when you bite on it! The edges were so crunchy and their caramelized sauce was so addictive!! And listen, it's free flow!!!!!! I will be so happy to eat char siew rice every week if the hawker can sell such a quality char siew! Thumbs up!!!

Royal Shrimp Dumpling

Even a simple shrimp dumpling (Har Gao), the chef can make it until so beautiful.. No wonder it's called Royal Shrimp Dumpling... 

Black Pepper Cod Fish Dumpling 
(Must Order)

This is another stunning food that u have to try! The floral dumpling is not only pretty in visual, but also great in taste! Please eat it while it's hot, so that u can taste the hot and juicy cod fish chunks with many black pepper taste! Yummy!!!

Escargot Cheese Puff
(Must Order)

The chef is so innovative to create such a cute looking snail dim sum to attract both adults and kids! When we bite on it, we were like "Wow!"  It was so crispy with savoury taste, totally beyond our expectations!

Custard Moon Bun
(Must Order)

Their version of lava bun (Charcoal bun with a Moon logo). Interesting custard bun with very aromatic salted egg yolk custard!

Char Siew Bun
(Must Order)
Another charcoal bun that I love! Somehow charcoal char siew bun tasted more better. The skin was fluffy with appropriate sweetness char siew! 

Braised Abalone Strips & Bamboo Pith Soup
(Must Order)
Their version of braised abalone soup was really different from other chinese restaurants. The soup was braised to perfection, the thickness and flavour was just right. A comforting and distinctive quality broth!

Stir-fried Scallop with Egg White & Fresh Milk
(So So)

Crispy Prawns with Spicy Mango Sauce
(So So)

Baked Marinated Chicken with Lemongrass Infused
(Not Bad)

Stir-fried Scallop with Celery & Chinese Yam
(Must Order)

Crispy Duck Roll
(So So)

The duck roll was very dry....

Stir-fried Fish Fillet with Wild Mushroom in Osmanthus Sauce
(Not Bad)
This dish was very funny.. Both of us agreed that the wild mushrooms were the main lead than the fish fillet. The fillet was not tender and a tad bland while the wild mushrooms were so flavourful with the wonderful osmanthus sauce!

Hokkaido Milk Cheese Tarts - Only Served 3 Rounds
(Die Die Must Try Ar!)

I'm so delighted to see Hokkaido Milk Cheese Tart in the dessert menu at a chinese restaurant! We were blown away by their crunchy tart with the hokkaido milk cheese melt in our mouth!!! I have only two words to describe my feeling even when I'm writing this "Super Shiok!" Only Mitzo has this exlusive tarts! The staff will bring this to your table starting from around 12.30pm. Faster come down to try it or you'll regret it!
Note: This is very popular here, the tarts might be finished if you're here quite late. 

Chilled Mango Cream with Sago & Pomelo Topping
(Served with Lime Sorbet)
(Must Order)

I love Mango Sago dessert served with sorbet and Mitzo served with Lime Sorbet! The sweetness of the mango cream was just right, with a little sour lime sorbet to cleanse your palate after a full meal!

Aloe Vera with Osmanthus Jelly 
(Served with Lychee Sorbet)
(Must Order)

This was my first time having aloe vera jelly dessert with lychee sorbet and it turned out to be great! Look at the pretty presentation!

Double-Boiled Longan Treasure Tea
(Not Bad)

A very soothing Longan treasure tea. Taste like our local dessert "Cheng Teng".

Deep-fried Chocolate Liquer Dumpling
(Not Bad)

Be prepared that the chocolate liquor was quite strong and bitter! Probably you won't like it if you're not an alcohol person. 

Chestnut Cake
(So So)

Overall Impression: The service here was quite good. We were happy that our tea was refilled promptly on that day. 

I do not like brunch buffet with two seatings. I like Mitzo as we can sit back and relax, enjoy our brunch buffet for 3 hours long! 

As for the food, we were really very impressed in terms of quality, creativity and presentation. Most of their food, dim sum and dessert presentation were great and pretty! I would rate Mitzo as Number One Chinese Restaurant in Singapore! I guessed I do not need to say any further. You have to come and try it yourself! Mitzo offers the most luxurious weekend brunch buffet at reasonable price in Singapore!

*Highly Recommended*

Note: Complimentary 3 Hours Carpark Coupon is provided!