Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet at Shisen Hanten (333 Orchard Road
 - Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Level 35) Reservation: 6831 6262 / 6266

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Visited on 6 Dec 2015 (Sun) and Revisited on 30 Apr 2016 (Sat). Hey folks, now you have 1 more new place for your dim sum buffet cravings! :)

With two Michelin stars, Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro is a Szechuan Chinese restaurant features a chef from Japan who proudly carries on a family tradition that started when the first of the famed Shisen Hanten chain of restaurants opened in Japan in 1958. Grandson of Chen Kenmin who is regarded as Japan’s “Father of Szechuan Cuisine” and son of celebrity Iron Chef Chen Kenichi who is nicknamed “The Szechuan Sage,” Chen Kentaro brings to Singapore his grandfather’s vision of contributing to a greater appreciation of Sichuan cuisine through Shisen Hanten’s signature dishes.

The dim sum buffet at Shisen Hanten is a little different from other hotel chinese restaurants. Their Appetisers, Desserts and Peking Duck are served at buffet table! Complimentary 6 Head Whole Abalone was served 1 time too! You can select 3 choices of main course under the chef selections, 1 selection of rice or noodle, as well as unlimited dim sum!

One thing I like about Shisen Hanten, is the relaxing atmosphere here compared to other chinese restaurants. 

Get your dim sum fix includes Peking duck and selected signature dishes.

First seating: 11.00am – 12.45pm

Second seating: 1.00pm – 2.45pm

Adult: $50++ l Child: $26++ (Excluding beverages)

Classy Reception Area

Restroom Area at Before The Flight of Stairs

Walk a flight of stairs down to Shisen Hanten from their reception!

You will be greeted by the centre piece table with desserts at the entrance! My favourite station!

Orchid plants at their bar counter area

Pardon me for so many restaurant photos as this place is simply gorgeous! I love beautiful restaurants! :)

Some view from the window seat.. Haha

Dessert Station

Pandan Kaya Roll
I thought this is those usual boring pandan kaya roll but I'm wrong.... I was like "Oh".. how can this pandan kaya roll be so aromatic? It was very soft, topped with icing sugar and coconut fragrance that melts in your mouth. Simple and Nice dessert!

Kueh Lapis
I'm not a kueh lapis lover but I must admit this kueh lapis indeed taste much better than most places... It was light, not too sweet with a fragrant taste.

Pandan Kueh Lapis 
(Different item when I revisited on 30 April 2016)
I love fragrant pandan kueh lapis especially with many icing sugar on it! The only downside is the kueh lapis was a little hard, otherwise it will be perfect.

Mango Puree
I love to see unlimited mango sago or mango puree! Although this dessert is common in chinese restaurants but not all restaurants is good. But the ones at Shisen Hanten are really good, not too sour not too sweet, not too watery and not too thick - Everything is just right! The only downside is the dessert became not chilled after they were placed at the counter for quite some time. Maybe they can put more ice on the tray to keep them chilled...

Aloe Vera and Lemongrass Jelly
This is a great refreshing dessert to cleanse your palate if your stomach is too full!

Sweet Longan Soup
Usually I have no interest in cheng teng (sweet longan soup). But look at their cheng teng, full of ingredients in the soup, they were really generous! This explains why the longan soup here was robust and taste so different from outside. One bowl definitely not enough... Must-Try!!!


Appetiser Station

Chilled Jellyfish

Steam Yuba



Char Siew

The char siew meat was sprinkled with sesame to enhance the taste! The meat was tender and very tasty. One of the BEST char siew that I had! Must-Try!!

Cold Steamed Chicken

Chilled Century Egg

Prawn Salad
(Different item when I revisited on 30 April 2016)

Pacific Clams
(Different item when I revisited on 30 April 2016)

Chicken Claws
(Different item when I revisited on 30 April 2016)

Assorted Sushi
(Different item when I revisited on 30 April 2016)

 Fried Dumpling
(Different item when I revisited on 30 April 2016)

Peking Duck Station

Peking Duck Roll

The exterior pancake pastry was not smooth enough and a tad sticky type, the skin needs to be improved, the sauce was very little initially but after our feedback, the chef put in more sauce and it really taste better but still, the pastry needs to be improved..

Jasmine Tea at $6++ per person


Complimentary 6 Head Whole Abalone 
(Limited to 1 Serving Per Diner)
This is the main draw here! Yummy whole abalone will be served to your table first!

Steamed Siew Mai topped with Tobiko

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
I'm very particular of BBQ pork bun (Char Siew Bao) and I'm impressed that Shisen Hanten met my high expectations of my perfect char siew bao. The skin was very fluffy with the appropriate amount of sweetness in the char siew, I dislike those with rough skin and too sweet char siew. I'm glad that I found my favourite bbq pork bun here! 

Steamed Scallop Dumpling
Very succulent scallop dumpling! 

Steamed Custard Bun

Steamed Prawns Wrapped with Beancurd Skin & Oyster Sauce

Boiled Wonton with Szechwan Sauce 

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry with Cheese and Mini Egg Tart

Corn Soup with Alaskan Crab Meat
(Choice of 1 Serving Per Person)

The soup was very flavourful and thick with fresh chunk of alaskan crab meat! Yummy!!!

Chinese Herbal Soup
(Choice of 1 Serving Per Person)

Surprisingly the soup is not those bitter herbal type, it's a very flavourful clear nutrition soup!

Chef Selections: Chen's Mapo Tofu
(Choice of 3 Servings Per Table)

This is their signature dish that you must try - Hot & Spicy Szechwan Mapo Tofu! Shiok! But if you cannot take spicy, please skip this dish..

They will serve a bowl of rice for you to eat with the mapo tofu so that you won't feel too spicy.. A very nice Japanese rice! 

Stewed Fish Fillet with Super-Hot Szechwan Pepper Sauce

The fish fillet was stewed to perfection! If you cannot take spicy, just eat without the sauce and it still taste good!

Stir Fried Scallops in XO Sauce

Though the scallop was good but there was only 1 scallop for each person so I think it's not very worth it to order this dish. Can try order the Stir Fried Prawns with chilli sauce, looks quite good from other table with fried mantou served!

Stir Fried Pork Collar with Superior Soya Sauce

This is a fantastic dish that you must try! Thinly sliced pork collar with very well marinated superior soya sauce. It really blow me away!!

Stir Fried Prawns with Chilli Sauce
(Revisited on 30 April 2016)
 Oops, forgotten to snap a photo of the large prawns inside. 1 big prawn for each pax. The sauce is those chilli crab sauce but was quite salty. Dipped the mantou into the chilli sauce! 

Stir Fried Chicken with Chilli & Cashew 
(Revisited on 30 April 2016)

Stir Fried Mashed Fish Noodles with XO Sauce & Seafood

The noodles were made of mashed fish so it's definitely pleasing. The XO sauce was really awesome but it's a little too salty, otherwise this will be perfect. 

Mango Pudding 
(Revisited on 30 April 2016)
Read some rave reviews about their mango pudding but it turned out to be not smooth and without those nice mango taste.

Almond Pudding
I thought this was just another normal almond pudding you can find anywhere but no... It was super nice. After first bite, you will feel like continue few more bites, very addictive... A very powerful almond taste!

Double-boiled Papaya with Snow Pear & Almonds
I thought this was a hot dessert, but it was served chilled! Nice dessert to end the meal!

Overall Impression: The service here was really excellent during my two visits. Tea was always refilled promptly and the staff were mostly very polite. Most of the food and dessert here were quite good except the peking duck needs some improvement in the exterior pancake and the mashed fish noodles a tad too salty. 

The price at $50++ per pax is slightly on the high side, given that the buffet timing is only for 1 hr 45mins which is really quite rush. Other than that, Shisen Hanten is definitely one of the most comfortable places for dim sum buffet!