Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Breakfast at 1933 Cafe (15 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza, #01-83, Singapore 178906) Reservation: 6384 3660

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!
 Book now through Chope for instant reservations!

Visited on 11 Oct 2015 (Sun). 1933 cafe is the lastest venture opened by the BreadTalk Group. Their breakfast is served up till 2pm on weekends!

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11:30-22:00

Sat-Sun: 10:30-22:00

1933 invites you to step into a time portal and take a trip back to the 1930s where cultures converged. Enjoy the finest renditions of 1930s cuisines such as Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice and Nanyang Curry Chicken in a bread bowl, as they marry Asian flavours with Western influences for a unique Southeast Asia regional style. Their signature milkshakes is your ticket to the 1930s Magnolia Snack Bar at Capitol.

I like the peaceful and cosy ambience here! Good for couple on a date or friends catch up! :)

You can hold small corporate event at their mezzanine floor here

Kopi Latte ($6++)

Asian Kopi marry with Western Latte! I like this combination but the taste is still more like our western latte! Haha.. Comes with a nice 1933 logo on it but I dislike cups without handle.. So hard to lift it up when it's hot... 

Brioche (Left) and Curry Chicken Croissant (Right)
Both bread taste decent...

1933 Breakfast Platter ($12.80++)
This platter comes with Choice of Egg, 2 pieces of soft bread, 2 small hash brown, 1 Luncheon Meat, 1 Bacon and Tomato Beans. You can choose the type of egg that you want. The scrambled egg was a tad too milky, I suggest you choose sunny side up! A simple breakfast platter just like home-cooked!

 Handmade Yam Cake ($7.20++)
This is a must-try when you are there! Very crisp exterior, yet the yam cake can still be so soft and moist inside! Complemented so well with the shallots and sambal chilli!

Gula Melaka Pandan Cake ($8.90++)

This is their signature dessert that you must try too! Soft and very aromatic Pandan cake with coconut flakes and cream atop, not forgetting to dip the cake into the gula melaka sauce, it taste heavenly! 

Take a peep at their other menu

Overall Impression: I like the relax and cosy ambience here. Food quality was between average to slightly above average! Service was polite and good. Prices is on the mid range so it's still affordable! Go try this place if you have not!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Dinner Buffet at Town Restaurant (1 Fullerton Square, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Lobby Level, Singapore 049178) Reservation: 6877 8128

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!
 Book now through Chope for instant reservations!

Visited on 10 Oct 2015 (Sat). When I was there, Town restaurant was having 'A Taste of Japan' - Japanese Theme Seafood Dinner Buffet!

Town restaurant offers International dinner buffet. They will have special theme buffet like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian etc sometimes. Their food quality was always quite good regardless with special theme or not, this explains why Town Restaurant is always full house especially during weekends! 

Lunch or Brunch: 
International Lunch Buffet
Monday to Friday
Time: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Price:   - $55++ per adult
            - $28++ per child (from 6 to 11 years old)

Singapore High Tea - Buffet consists of local cuisine.
Saturday & Public holidays
Time: 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Price:  - $35++ per adult
           - $18++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

Sunday Champagne Brunch
Time: 12:00pm – 3:30
Price: $155++ alcoholic brunch
           $108++ non alcoholic brunch
           $54++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

Ala Carte Menu is also available. (Except Sunday brunch) 

Heritage Buffet With International Selections
Sunday – Tuesday 
Time: 6:30 -10:30 pm
Price: $56++ for adults/ $27++ for child (6 to 11 years old)
Additional Roasted Pork, Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken and Steamed Chicken. 

The buffet that I had:

Seafood Dinner Buffet (Inclusive of Unlimited Baked Lobster)
Wednesday to Saturday
Time: 6:30 -10:30 pm
Price:  - $69++ per adult
            - $34++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

BBQ Dinner Seafood Buffet (Inclusive of Unlimited Baked Lobster)
Wednesday to Saturday
Time: 6:30 -10:30 pm
Price: $89++ for adults/ $44++ for child
Inclusive of BBQ such as Sirloin, Veal, Sausage & Prawn etc. 
Inclusive of 2 Hours Free Flow of Tiger Beer and Singapore Sling. 

(You can select if you just want the seafood dinner buffet @$69++ OR if you want both BBQ + Seafood Dinner Buffet @$89++)

Ala Carte Menu is also available.


Included in the Buffet
Free flow of Coffee & Tea (included in the buffet) 

Free Flow of Soft Drinks, Juices, Beer , House Red and White Wine for first hour at $45.00 per person and $36.00 for subsequent hour

Free Flow of Soft drinks and Tiger beer for first hour at $38.00 per person and $32.00 for subsequent hour

Free Flow of Soft Drinks and Chilled Juices for first hour is at $16.00 per person and $10.00 per person for subsequent hour.

Corkage charge is $75.00 for a bottle of Wine, Champagne and other Spirits.

Their Bar Counter

Alfresco Seats (Dine By The Singapore River)

Finger Bowl Provided On Every Table!

Free Flow Of Coffee and TWG Tea Selection
Very nice Cappucino comes with a F logo stands for Fullerton with Cocoa Powder on it! 

French Earl Grey Tea

I was very amazed by this small metal teapot -  After 2.5 hours, my tea was still as hot as 2.5 hours ago, no need to refill hot water inside! Thumbs up and I just love this tea so much - Fragrant and Light Earl Grey Taste! :)

Unlimited Baked Lobster with Cheese 
Note: The lobsters are only available on Wednesdays to Saturdays during dinner buffet! They were not displayed at the buffet counter. The chef will prepare in their kitchen and the staff will serve 1 lobster for each person to each table. You can request for more after the first round whenever you want. 

The most popular dessert is always Tiramisu! Not too creamy, very well baked! Must Eat!!!

Very light and aromatic blackforest cake that you must try!!

Yuzu Macaron

Assorted Shooter Glass - Panna Cotta
A very fragrant panna cotta, taste something like soy bean pudding! 

Assorted Shooter Glass - Chocolate Mousse

Sesame Creme Brulee


Green Tea Cake

Fullerton Cheese Cake

Chocolate Pudding

This was really very rich but good!!

Bread & Butter Pudding

Pandan Chiffon
The pandan chiffon here was so good!! Soft and sprinkled with some icing sugar atop , how I wish my stomach has enough space for more of this!!

Nonya Kueh

Chocolate Fondue

Yuzu Sorbet, Black Sesame, Strawberry & Chocolate Ice-Cream

Condiments for Ice-Cream


Ice-Kachiang Station

I like the ice-kachiang here! The shaved ice were really fine compared to other hotels and the colouring sauces were really nice especially the brown gula melaka sauce, it's fantastic, put more of this!!

Cheese Station

Bread Counter

Seafood Minestrone Soup

Tempura Station

Japanese Deep-Fried Snacks

Super Good Grilled Chicken Wings

Act fast to get the super good chicken wings as they were gone very fast! The marination was so well done and the meat was so tender! How I wish I can have this whole plate by myself! Hahaha!

Grilled Bacon with Quail Egg

This is really special to have quail egg covered with crispy bacon outside and it's very nice!

Chicken & Pork Yakitori

Dim Sum: 
Steamed Crystal Dumplings / Siew Mai

The chawanmushi was filled with a generous piece of big prawn! But it's a pity that the egg was not smooth enough. 

Roasted Meat Station

Condiments for the Roasted Meat

Seafood Paella Rice In Japanese Style 
(Kaisen Kamameshi)

Roasted Japanese Pumpkin with Truffle Oil

Grilled Mackerel

Chicken Karaage

Steamed Clam with Sake
(Asari Sukabushi)

Teppanyaki Station

Outdoor BBQ Seafood:

BBQ Crayfish

BBQ Prawns

BBQ Chicken Wing

BBQ Beef Patty

BBQ Lamb

BBQ Crayfish + BBQ Prawn + BBQ Salmon

I like the BBQ Prawn and BBQ Salmon! Look at the salmon - You can see from the photo that the salmon was bbq to perfection, very tender inside!! Thumbs Up!

Seafood On Ice:
Scallop, Mussel, Poached Live Prawn, Chilled Crab


Appetizer and Salad

Soba Noodle


Homemade Kani Tofu (Crab Tofu)

This is a very great appetizer - Must try!!

Sushi Station 

Create Your Own Laksa Station

Overall Impression: Town restaurant has always impressed me with its variety as well as quality. If you want Variety + Quality at this price, there is no other hotel in Singapore that can beat Town restaurant! 

As for the service, we have to be understanding that there might be some misses due to the high volume of diners. I could see that all the staff were very diligent and tired being called here and there. And yet they were still really trying their best to provide the most polite service to every guests! So I want to say kudos to all the staff at Town Restaurant! Every visit here makes me so happy! 

It was already so good during its regular (non special occasions) buffet, just imagine how much more fantastic it could be during festive seasons!

After the dinner buffet, don't forget to stop by at the atrium and listen to the soothing live violin and piano classical music performance before heading home! (If I'm not wrong, should be only on every Fri and Sat night). I like Fullerton Hotel very much as this is the only hotel in Singapore that has live violin session for all the guests in the hotel! You have to pay so much for a violin concert whereas here it's FOC! :)

*Highly Recommended*

Revisited on 21st Nov 2015. When there was no special theme, it will be a Normal International Dinner Buffet. (For your reference below)

Dessert Station


Blackforest Cake

Assorted Shooter Glass

Orange Chiffon Cake

Creme Brulee

Pandan Kaya Cake

Cinnamon Walnut Mousse

Prune Cake

Pandan Tart

Raspberry in Chocolate Cup

Gang Gang Rainbow Agar Agar

Fullerton Signature Bread & Butter Pudding

Apple Crumble


Burbur Cha cha

"Yang Zhou" Style Fried Rice with Shrimp & Char Siew

Seafood Au Gratin

Stir Fried Vegetable

Cray Fish with "Kam Heong" Style Lemongrass & Dried Shrimp

Black Mussel with Shrimp Paste Chilli

Wok Fried Seafood with Sambal

Tori Katshu

Mashed Potato

Ngoh Hiang

Baked Seabass

Steamed Chicken Char Siew Pau

Steamed Siew Mai

Sweet Corn Crabmeat Soup

Barbeque Meat 

Steamed Hainanese Chicken Rice

Condiments for Chicken Rice

Cheese Station

Bread Station

Indian Station

Chicken Satay

Mutton Satay

Baked Lobster

Seafood On Ice

Thai Papaya Salad


Assorted Cold Cut Platter

Pasta & Laksa Station