Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Luxurious Weekend Afternoon Tea at 10 Scotts (10 Scotts Road - Grand Hyatt Singapore, Lobby Level)

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations! 
Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Visited on 20 Sep 2014 (Sat). Weekday Afternoon Tea at $43++ per person / $73++ per person with free-flowing champagne.

Weekend / Public Holiday Afternoon Tea at $53++ per person / $83++ per person with free-flowing champagne.

(2-Tier Stand + Semi Buffet + Free Flow of Coffee, Tea, Iced/Hot chocolate and Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices) 

We had the Regular Weekend Afternoon Tea: 
$53++ per person = Total bill of $124.76 for 2 persons 

Please note that there are 2 seatings daily for Afternoon Tea.

First Seating: 12.00 - 2.30pm (2.5 hours long)

Second Seating: 3.00 - 5.00pm (2 hours long)

10 Scotts has an aura of elegance and relaxation with its contemporary yet classic decor. This place is quite 'atas' so i would suggest that you not dress too casually.  The service here was quite good but not warm... Plates were cleared regularly, food and beverages were served promptly. 

The ambience here is a 'tai-tai style' of high tea with comfy sofa and cushions for you to couch. It makes you feel right at home (Residential-Style Lounge) with collection of designed rooms.

Living Room Area

Collection of Designed Rooms (Sometimes used for private event)

These are the best seats to see cascading waterfall by the window but sadly to say that there is no table for 2 at this area, here are for big tables... 

Was quite disappointed to see they do not serve tea in a nice teapot at this classy place. Anyway i chose Rooibos Vanilla tea originating from Madagascar, the vanilla was too light so the taste was average only.. My partner ordered Latte which was average too.

Thankfully they still have fruit juices. Juices for the day was Orange and Pineapple Juice. I chose my favourite Orange Juice - They're freshly squeezed with natural sweetness taste! Is this the only hotel restaurant that offers unlimited fruit juices for high tea?

The afternoon tea set was served in a simple 2-tier glass stand. 

Top Tier items: Cucumber sandwich, Quiche, Beef Roll, Quail Egg with Prawn Salad
The top tier items were nothing spectacular, very ordinary....

Bottom Tier items: Their famous Crab Cake, Curry Puff, Popiah, Smoked Salmon 
The curry puff was surprisingly very good - premium flaky curry puff here!

I never expected this simple looking crab cake turned out to be a surprise for me - The crab cake was divine!!! It was crispy with real succulent crab meat and seemed like all the goodness were inside. I just can't get over this yummy crab cake with remoulade sauce!  Remember to get more refill for this great food there!

The smoked salmon was fresh and appetizing!

The freshly prepared popiah was decent...

The freshly baked scones were very light, soft and buttery. Very different from other restaurants. Dip them with kaya, clotted cream & raspberry jam spread to have a more delightful taste!

I dislike restaurants that do not label their food items and 10 Scotts is one of them. The whole buffet counter did not have any labels put up, so we just guessed what we were eating..

Semi Buffet Counter 

The bottom is coconut pastry - very nice! 

The tiramisu was very light and i like that piece of chocolate flake atop! But lacked the alcohol 'punch' otherwise it would be perfect.

Crispy buttery tart with fresh fruits!

Opera Cake was decent...

Love these dark chocolate tarts so much! The sweetness and the chocolate portion were just nice!

Brownies and Apple Crumble  - The Apple Crumble was quite good!

Sushi counter

Great to see they have peking duck roll for high tea! The shredded duck and the sauce was too little so the taste was a tad bland but it's still a satisfactory appetizer!

 Cheese & Ham counter. They use this ham slicer for freshly sliced ham..

Bread counter..

Briyani counter..

They have a chiller that you can help yourselves with the salads and sorbet in a jar. They have very nice sorbet! Must-Try!

Note: This is not in their menu now
And here comes the "Fried Egg served in a Frying Pan"!

This is the main highlight of the dessert section. Vanilla ice-cream to form the egg white, while the egg yolk is mango passion puree complemented with raspberry sauce. There's a sponge cake below the fried egg as well (See photo below). This creative dessert was visually attractive and interesting! The overall taste was very refreshing, definitely among the best dessert I've had in hotels!

The sponge cake to put below the fried egg!

The best thing about having high tea at 10 Scotts - All food and beverages are refillable and no restriction on the switch of beverages!


Note: Complimentary 4 hour Carpark Coupon is available with minimum spending of $100.

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations! 
Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Afternoon Tea Set at Lime (Parkroyal on Pickering, Lobby level - 3 Upper Pickering Street) Reservation: 6809 8899

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

For updated review in 2017 - Please click the link below:

Lime is a vibrant and modern restaurant that offers local, Southeast Asian and international culinary delights.

Visited on 6 April 2014 (Sun) and Revisited on 14 Sep 2014 (Sun).  Afternoon Tea is available from 3-6pm daily. 
(3 Tier Stand + 4 Scones + Complimentary Free Flow of Tea & Coffee selection for 2 pax)  

Price: $38++ per set for 2 persons = Total bill of $44.70 for 2 pax (Items are non-refillable)

You can choose to have the afternoon tea at Lime or at their lobby bar.

I love to see the relaxing view of the greenery from their floor-to-ceiling windows at Lime!

Note: This photo was from April 2014. (Now they do not serve tea in a teapot anymore for Afternoon Tea set) And they have only 3 miserable selection for Tea - Earl Grey, Jasmine & Chamomile.. They will only serve like this with a warmer if you order Ala Carte tea. For the afternoon tea set, they will just serve you like this now (See photo below) In this case, how can Lime indicated that with refreshing pot of tea in their website???

The staff did not bother to introduce the items and there wasn't any menu for afternoon tea, so basically we had no idea what we were eating.. I can only tell you the food quality dropped till i have nothing to say anymore. The items here that we ate were all seemed like they were from 1-2 days ago, the tarts were not crispy type, they were moist and tasted like they were not baked freshly.. Finger sandwiches were also quite bad...

Note: This photo was from April 2014. (Now they do not serve scones in a cloth anymore) 

Now they served scones like this... As usual, their scones were disappointing, never put in effort to improve the scones. Super hard and dry! Obviously they can't be bothered with the quality and presentation of the afternoon tea at Lime....

In case you're unable to locate the washroom, the door is hidden here, very unique surrounded by the plants!

Overall impression after 2 visits: Don't bother to come to Lime for afternoon tea!

The service here never improve, yet getting worst during afternoon tea time.  They will usually put guests at the back area for afternoon tea while their staff were mostly standing at the front either talking in a group or they were more concerned in preparing for the dinner buffet. And when i asked a few questions about the high tea, the staff seemed to be a bit impatient and wanted to leave. The staff here just simply don't bother with guests coming for afternoon tea. And the high tea items were not fresh, quality dropped till the max (Unacceptable)....

I really don't understand with the management at Lime.. Since you're all not interested to serve guests during afternoon tea time, then why bother to launch this high tea to torture your guests stomach and made them feel disappointed leaving Lime. This is the WORST place to have afternoon tea which explains why we were the only table to have high tea there on that day while other hotels were usually full house for high tea on Sat/Sun. Maybe the service for your buffet lunch/dinner is good but no one will come back for your afternoon tea again after first try.. Doesn't mean your afternoon tea prices is cheap & we have to accept such quality & service. I think no matter how much we spent at Lime, hotel restaurants should provide the same level of service & quality at all times.. It's a pity that we can't come back for high tea again with such a nice ambience at Lime....