Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Chatterbox (333 Orchard Road - Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Level 5) Reservation: 6831 6291

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Visited on 26 July 2014 (Sat). Chatterbox is a very big and spacious restaurant in Mandarin Orchard Hotel. It was opened since 1971, with an extensive menu featuring a spread of local fare. They were renowned for their award-winning Mandarin Chicken Rice. The dish is a well-known Hainanese dish that has become a favourite in Singapore. But this is one of the most expensive chicken rice in Singapore that made me wonder how good is this Chicken Rice at $27++ = SGD 32 after the taxes? 

Signature Mandarin Chicken Rice - $27++

The chicken meat was laid on a bed of lettuce and light sauce. I requested for drumstick so i expected it to be very succulent and very smooth! But to my disappointment, the meat was not that succulent and smooth as what i've expected it to be.. It was not tough but was not very tender too. The light soy sauce underneath the chicken as well as the soup provided was very salty!! I was so thirsty the whole night after i had their soup and chicken rice.. The rice was quite fragrant but a tad dry. The portion seemed to be too little for this steep price. I can only say with such standard in a 5 star hotel, the price here shouldn't be $27++ = $32 nett (Costs around 8 times more than the market price) With such price, it should taste special but they failed to impress me. This dish was so embarrassing to be served to tourists. Seriously it should cost only $14++ with the nice ambience. You will know what i mean if you have tried those popular chicken rice stalls at famous hawker centres like Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre.

Taohu Goreng - $12++
The taohu goreng was not crispy at all so it spoiled the whole feeling... 

Sago Gula Melaka - $12++
After trying the 2 disappointing dishes above, we do not have any expectation on their dessert anymore. And we were right, there was nothing to attract us or made us feel delighted even the last dessert. 

Overall Impression: Service was poor. No warm greeting and smile from the staff, they seemed to be like no expression at all. I find it weird to see this at a 5 star hotel restaurant. Waiting time for the dessert was more than 15mins - unacceptable! The only thing i like was the cosy and spacious ambience. You may come and try this place as different people has different view on the food. 

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Weekday Dim Sum Buffet at Hai Tien Lo (Pan Pacific Singapore, Level 3 - 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square) Reservation: 6826 8240

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Visited on 14 July 2014 (Monday). Finally comes the dim sum buffet on weekday for business lunch, tai-tais and for those who wish to indulge themselves when they're on leave!

Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm from Mondays to Fridays and black-out dates apply (3 hours long of buffet)

New Price: Adult (12 years old and above) SGD56++ per person.  (Excluding drinks) 

New Price: Child (5 to 11 years old) SGD32++ per person (Excluding drinks) 

Price of Tea in a teapot = Between $6++ to $12++ per person (Free Flow)

Saturday and Sunday, 7 and 8 May 2016
11:30am to 2:30pm
SGD98++ per adult, SGD49 per child
Complimentary Longevity Bun for all dine-in guests

Complimentary serving of Double-boiled Imperial Swiftlet’s Nest for all mothers who dine in for the Dim Sum Brunch Buffet.

Monday to Sunday, 2 to 8 May 2016
Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
SGD128++ per diner (Deluxe Set)

SGD188++ per diner (Premium Set)

Unique entrance with 2 statue bodyguard!

Grand and Spacious Waiting Area...

This is what you will see when you enter the restaurant.. I love these row of seats as it's open concept that can view the whole hotel!

You will see the buffet restaurant "Edge" opposite Hai Tien Lo from these row of seats..

And you can see these beautiful cages below...

Inner dining area at the back... (Nothing to see but good for quiet lunch)

Private dining area behind...

Grand Private Room Inside!

White Royal Peony (Delicate white tea with fruity apricot and flowery English rose)
 I love the light and refreshing fragrance of flowery rose tea here! 2 persons at $12++!

Deep-fried Yam Paste with Foie-gras (Only 1 Serving)

I can say this is the BEST fried yam paste i've ever had! The exterior was super super crispy till very hard to break it! The ingredients inside were so yummy and aromatic as well, perhaps its with the foie-gras!

Baked Egg Tart with Swiftlet Nest & White Fungus 
(Only 1 Serving)

I really love this exclusive egg tart! It gives off a very pleasant fragrance when you bite on the nest & white fungus.. The egg tart was melted in the mouth as well! Overall a very wonderful egg tart! :)

Steamed Berkshire Pork Buns (Only 1 Serving)

The bun was fluffy and the char siew filling was just nice, not too sweet, not too strong and not too light.. Overall it's good!

Stir-fried Carrot Cake with Dried Scallops in Chef's Signature Homemade XO Chili Sauce (Only 1 Serving)

Though the appearance doesn't look appealing but don't be surprised, it tasted great! 

Crab Meat with Shredded Abalone & Fish Maw in Thick Broth (Only 1 Serving)

The broth was quite thick and the taste was nice but not mind-blowing..  The serving was quite generous so i started to get a little full after this.. 

Unlimited Dim Sum Selection (All You Can Eat)
All items that we've tried from here were disappointing......

Steamed Buns with Abalone, Minced Pork & Vegetables

This was my first time having a abalone in a bun but to my disappointment, the abalone was a tad tough. The taste of the minced pork & vegetables does not complement well with abalone either. Too may things stuffed in a bun may not turned out to be good, tasted too complex. I suggest they make the bun smaller and more fluffy, just stuff the abalone in will do. It will turn out to be a simple + exclusive bun!

Steamed Pork & Prawns Dumplings top with Fantail Shrimp
Overall the siew mai and the shrimp atop was dry, not qq or succulent type.. disappointing dim sum...

Steamed Scallops & Prawn Dumplings top with Dried Scallops
It was a clear broth but it tasted very milky and funny.. I just have to stop this...

Deep-fried Bean Curd Sheet with Prawns & Mango
We don't like the bean curd sheet skin.The taste was average...

After we tried the 4 disappointing dim sums, we felt there was no need for us to continue to order from this section anymore... :(

Wok fried Fillet of Grouper Fish with Assorted Bell Peppers in Black Bean Sauce (One Serving of any 3 items per table)
I love this dish as i like the peppery taste on the grouper fillet but it would be better if the fillet can be more tender..

Homemade Bean Curd with Crab Meat & Aubergine in Supreme Stock (One Serving of any 3 items from the list)
I love the bean curd as it's really really super smooth and tender with generous portions of crab meat and crab claws.. Not forgetting the flavourful supreme stock that made the whole dish very delightful!

Combination of Barbecued Duck & Marinated Soya Sauce Chicken (One Serving of any 3 items from the list)

We preferred the soya sauce chicken than the duck. The duck meat was tough and the jelly fish doesn't taste nice compared to those wedding banquets..

Chilled Cream of Mango Sago & Pomelo (One Serving of any 2 items per person)
The taste was not too sour but a tad too creamy.. This was average...

Double-boiled Osmanthus Tea with Pears & White Fungus (One Serving of any 2 items per person)

This was very refreshing and taste much better than the mango sago! A nice dessert to complete the meal!

After we settled the bill, they will put the receipts into this envelope. I like the way they present the receipts in an envelope. It shows the difference to dine at premium chinese restaurants and normal chinese restaurants. :)

Overall i felt only the first page and the last page of the menu were worth to order.. The 2nd page of the unlimited dim sum selection were mostly disappointing... Chef has to improve your unlimited dim sum selection again...

Service was quite good initially when there was no crowd but after more tables were filled up, we couldn't find any staff at our area for quite some time as they were busy taking orders from other tables or inside the kitchen so need to be patient sometimes.. 

You can click here for the weekend dim sum brunch buffet that I visited in May 2015.


Note: Their Menu changes regularly. Complimentary carpark coupon available here!