Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Monday, 23 June 2014

Lunch at The Lawn Cafe (31 Biopolis Way #01-07, Nanos) Tel: 6478 9739

Visited on 15 June 2014 (Sun). I was honoured to be invited by the owner of The Lawn to try out their salads and grills with my partner.

Revisited ourselves again on 29 June 2014 (Sun). :)

The Lawn Cafe has 2 outlets.

1) First outlet is located at Biopolis Note: Closed on Saturday

2) The 2nd outlet is at CBD - Shenton Way Note: Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
    (You will find the prices here costs more than biopolis due to the higher rental here)

The Lawn @ Biopolis is a hidden gem nestled within the high-tech firms and lush greenery. The first thing that caught my eye when i reached was their outdoor grass carpet! It gives off a cosy and relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel like dining here. Not to worry if it rains as they have both indoor & outdoor seatings. If you'd like to dine at a peaceful environment away from the city, this is the place for you! :)

There's a little pond by the side. I just love the atmosphere here - feel so carefree~!~!~!~

Indoor Seats

Of course the most important thing is still the food! Rest assured that The Lawn will not disappoint you as they provide quality food! 

I'm a person who don't take salad as i find it so dull when the whole bowl is full of veggie! Hence, i was delighted to know The Lawn not only offers healthy salad, but also satisfies carnivores like me. Salads will never be boring anymore!  Come Meat Your Greens! 

This is probably the only Specialty Grill & Salad Cafe in Singapore where you get to fully customize your own Salad; pairing your favourite perky greens to your favourite premium grills, topped with the wide variety flavours of their unique dressings at an affordable price! You can satisfy your cravings with 12 tantalising grills and this made the salad even more delicious. I must say The Lawn is really good in food marination. Most of the grills tasted great! Yummy Yummy!!!

This is their salad and dressing preparation kitchen...

Their unique toppings and dressings!

The Grill counter and this is one of their chefs!

You can grab the self service order chit here on your right when you enter the cafe and hand over this chit to the cashier to place your order. 

I like the efficient way of ordering our customized salad through the simple steps on the form! They have extensive toppings and dressings to choose from.

Highly Recommended Olive Rice + Side Salad + 1 dressing
The lawn not only creates splendid quality salads but also offers an alternative option - Olive rice, to give rice bucket people like me, a more filling meal! :P  The secret recipe of this olive rice was inspired from the owner's grandma! The rice was not greasy and was fragrant enough, a very fulfilling meal for me. The dressing here was Red Island (consist of sundried tomato puree, grated garlic, basil) and i was so addicted to this dressing!!!

I ordered (+$6 char grilled prawns with garlic) myself when i revisited again. Shiok Shiok!

The ingredients and the salads were very fresh and crunchy!

Chef's Picks - Salad Combinations of Sweet & Chic! ($9.90)

This Sweet & Chic consists of (Chicken with Maple Infusion, Pasta, Cous Cous, Baby Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Egg - Honeyball) I can tell you this is really value for money! It was such a big bowl, full of ingredients with tantalizing grills that only costs $9.90!

Chef's Picks - Salad Combinations of Hunky Dory ($10.90)

This Hunky Dory consists of (Butter-seared Dory, Alfafa sprouts, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Tofu, Almonds - Wafu) The dory was very very tender and i like the right amount of butter-seared taste. The marinate makes the dory tastier too. Thumbs up for the dory!  I also love the cheddar cheese on the salad, at least it makes the salad more engaging!

Ben's Beef Rub
The beef were done in cubes and they were juicy and well marinated! My partner love the charred part that was a tad crispy - Very aromatic!

Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic (+$3)

Omg this was 1 of the BEST grilled prawns we've ever had! The prawns were super well marinated!!! 1 word to describe - Awesome! We really enjoyed every single bite of these prawns. Must Order item!

Butter-seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub (+$3)
The seasoning for the dory was lighter.. Perhaps the prawns were too good, hence the dory tasted a tad bland, not that flavorful. But the dory was tender and the portion was quite big, definitely worth your $3!

Grilled Black Pepper Duck Breast (+$3)
I was a tad disappointed in this cos I like the black pepper taste but the meat was really tough so this was out for us...

You can help yourself with the free flow of Ice water, utensils and serviettes outside the entrance!

You can enjoy tea brand from Gryphon after your meal. 

Still not satisfied? No worries, you can complete your meal with Ice Cream Sandwiches or desserts from Tiramisu hero!

Overall, we really like the concept of Salad/Oliver Rice + Grills at The Lawn. 
The Freshest Grills, The Freshest Greens, Just The Way You Like It! 

I've started to take salads at The Lawn now as The Lawn has motivated me with so many impressive grills to go with the salad. I can eat healthy as well as satisfied my palate! And we can still have a cup of tea with desserts after the meal all at one place. What more can we ask for? 

*Thanks to Jonathan for the food tasting invite! :)

Note: The Lawn now comes with delivery!

The Lawn At Biopolis (Near Buona Vista Mrt)

31 Biopolis Way
#01-07, Nanos
+65 64789739
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
11:15am - 09:00pm
10:00am - 04:00pm
 *last order 45 mins before closing*

The Lawn At Shenton (Near Tanjong Pagar MRT)

8 Shenton Way
#B1-11, AXA Tower
+65 65348749
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 09:00pm
 *last order 45 mins before closing*

*Highly Recommended*

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