Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Weekend Brunch Set Menu at TWG Tea on the Bridge (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 2 Bayfront Avenue, B2-89/89A) Reservation: 6535 1837

TWG stands for The Wellness Group, was established in Singapore. It is a luxury concept that incorporates an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms.

All the TWG Tea Salon's patisseries are freshly handmade and crafted daily by Executive Pastry Chef Philippe Langlois.

I personally love the 2 TWG Tea outlets at MBS: 

1) TWG Tea on the Bridge  - Visited on 25 May 2014 (Sun)

2) TWG Tea Garden (Elegant Round Settings) - Will try this outlet next time for the high tea!

Weekend Brunch: 10am to 3pm

Every set is actually for 1 person's share. But their prices are really steep so we just chose the Gourmet Brunch Set Menu which is also their cheapest menu to share and try how good is the quality of their food.. With such prices for per pax, we can easily have a sumptuous breakfast buffet at a 5 star hotel.

We can choose a pot of TWG Tea. They have a very extensive tea list, too many selection see until i'm blur. For brunch set menu, we can only choose those tea at $11... In the end i chose my favourite Vanilla Tea. Love the Vanilla fragrance in the premium TWG Tea! Glad that Orange juice is included in the set as well. :)

It's so relaxing to dine on the bridge and above the small river, whereby you can watch sampan ride pass by underneath.. 

French Brioche Toasts served with TWG Tea Jelly

I really love their tea jelly so much! A tad sour and a tad sweet -  Very refreshing! It's a pity the portion is so small... 

I love this so much! We usually see Egg breakfast comes with ham, sausage or bacon. But here, the chef is very creative. They replaced the usual boring items to shrimps and smoked salmon which made it more atas! The scramble egg with matcha was cooked to perfection, just nice! The 3 shrimps were tasty with the natural sweetness. Last but not least, the yummy smoked salmon. A special splendid brunch that i had so far! :-)

We can have a choice of their TWG Tea Patisserie from this trolley!

This is the TWG Tea Patisserie collection for that day. We can choose any patisserie on the plate except those mini ones at the center...

I chose this passion fruit cake - It has a very unique taste! The top layer is quite sour but very refreshing with subsequent layers of different tastes like cheese, chocolate and the last layer, i reckon its either matcha or those lotus that are used to make mooncake.. So overall the combined taste really gave us a very special and happy feeling! A sweet ending to end our meal! :)

Note: I must say the food quality here is quite high, not to mention the tea as well.. Very relax ambience.. Definitely worth a visit... But they must really improve in their service level to complement the quality of their food. If the service is bad here, we might as well go to hotels, pay the same amount of $$ but receive much better service than here. 

As we were there very early with just less than 4 tables, the service was still quite bad. We have finished our meal for quite some time and expect the staff to come and clear our table but the staff just stand there and look around, saw our table but still didn't bother to come and clear the plates. I still have to ask him to come and clear and serve us our dessert. This kind of service shouldn't have happened at such a luxury place at TWG....

*Highly Recommended for the food* but not the price and the service!


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