Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Monday, 25 November 2013

Mini Simple Breakfast Buffet at Toots Brasserie (The Sultan Hotel 101 Jalan Sultan #01-01) Reservation: 6292 0740

Visited on 24th Nov 2013 (Sun). Price: $13.80++ per person = Total bill of $32.48 for 2 pax.

Breakfast opens at 7.30-10.30am daily. The restaurant will be closed after the breakfast ends at 10.30am on Sunday.

Breakfast buffet includes a Main Breakfast that you can choose how you want your egg to be done + Freshly baked mini plain and chocolate croissants + Toast Bread + Cereal + Free Flow of Orange/Apple Juices + Coffee

This is a very small French restaurant opened in May 2013 situated in the historic Sultan Hotel. The chef here "Jason Wong" was formerly the Head Chef of French Bistro Petit Salut in Holland Village. They do have very affordable set lunch menu here so you can come here to try his food.

Maybe we were there on Sunday morning and the restaurant will be closed for the day after the breakfast buffet end, which is why the 3 uncles on duty wore very casually that you will not believe they're from the French restaurant.  I would say it's quite an interesting and funny restaurant during breakfast hours that you can try at least once since the breakfast is quite value for money!

Still remember this scene in our local drama "Disclosed"? Yes it was filmed at Toots Brasserie. This restaurant looks very grand on TV but the actual place looks quite old and simple. Probably the setting here will be nicer during dinner time.

 This is the mini breakfast buffet placed on a very old table. No serviette provided, you can get the tissue paper from the buffet table. Haha!

 Don't be surprised, the croissants here were quite nice especially the chocolate ones!


 Both the scramble egg and eggs benedict breakfast were quite nice too!

This is their wine bar. Closed on Sunday.

The small hotel lobby outside Toots Brasserie...

Note: Can park at Textiles Centre (Opposite The Sultan Hotel) Or the parallel lots along the Sultan Hotel.

No reservation is needed during breakfast hours.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dinner buffet at The Kitchen Table (21 Ocean Way, Level 1, W Hotel Singapore-Sentosa Cove) Reservation: 6808 7268

It's such a hassle to make reservation through phone - Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

 Book now through Chope for Instant Reservations!

Visited on 17th Nov 2013 (Sun). Explore the extensive selection of international flavors at our interactive series of live cooking stations serving everything from Chinese dim sum and Thai noodles to Japanese sushi, wood-fired pizza and Indian tandoori. And of course there is always the “Explore Your Options” à la carte menu, featuring local specialties like Nasi Lemak and innovative Western flavors, like a Baked Gruyere Tart and Barolo Spiced Pears with Arugula, Candied Walnuts and Triple Brie. To top it all off, try their tempting desserts and perfectly paired beverages.

Buffet Theme and Prices
(Click the photo to view clearly)

1 thing i like about The Kitchen table is, most of the food they will cook on the spot. Example they will cook a bit a bit each time, when the food is almost empty, they will cook new portion again and again to ensure the freshness of the food. This is not easy for the chef so i hope everyone will appreciate the hard work from the chef when you're there!

You will be greeted by this lovely dessert showcase first at the entrance!

Followed by you will see 3 rows of salads being kept nicely in a small container on the beautiful cabinet.

I'm very impressed by the presentation of their salads.

Be amused by its whimsical decor that has Giant Tables Design overturned and hanging from the ceiling!

 The interior of the restaurant is cosy and nice...

They have 2 sides of view. 1 side is with Yacht seaview

Another side is with resort view

Steamed Fish with Light Soy Sauce
Must Try!!! Super Q, Nice + Melt In Your Mouth!

Wok Fried Scallop with Black Bean Sauce - Very Nice too!
It's nice to have cooked scallops in the buffet as scallops are not cheap. 

Food From The Heart Items
(Chicken Satay, Curry Puff, Pizza etc)

The Kitchen Table will serve "Food From The Heart" besides the buffet spread. It's an interactive experience of browsing through various live stations and tastings at the whim of the chef

Note: (The chef will cook a few simple food on the spot to let you feel like home cooked food.. They will bring the food around to every table, so you have to wait till they serve to your table instead of getting the food as and when you like. From what i understand through 1 of the chef, this is the concept of W Hotel wordwide)

Take Note: The chef will skip your table if you're having dessert so if you're a dessert lover like me, love to eat dessert first or in between the meal and they skip your table, do go and tell them you want the food to be served now. Always standby a plate on your table, otherwise there is no space to put the extra food from the chef. Food From The Heart items will change everytime as they want to give surprises to customers so you might not be having the same surprises as me.

Note: The desserts below were kept in the chiller and you need to ask the staff to get for you. There're times that there was no one at the dessert counter, so you need to go and call for them. 

I love to see desserts to be put in Martini Glasses!

Besides the above, they also have Mushroom Soup, Pasta, Chilli Flower Crabs with Mantou Bun, Indian food section & other normal cooked food. I would say the variety of the buffet spread is just nice, sufficient to fill up your empty stomach. Quality of the food is between Average-Slightly above average for certain food. 

I really love the presentation of their Salads & Desserts!

The service here was very good for the first hour, plates were always cleared with attentive servers but don't expect the same standard of service when the restaurant is full house.

Note: Complimentary carpark coupon available here!

After the buffet at The Kitchen Table, take the staircase up to 2nd floor to view the Woobar and the beautiful Hotel at night time!

This will be the Woobar at night time! So nice right? Love their custom made swinging chairs & the purple lightings!  You'll hear DJs' beats from the bar too!

 Nice seatings outside the Woobar!

Alfresco seatings outside the Woobar!

Grand Hotel Staircase!