Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Thursday, 31 October 2013

RWS All Star Chefs Buffet - Starz Restaurant in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Lobby (Reservation: 6577 6688)

Visited on 19th Oct 2013 (Sat). 

RWS All Star Chefs Buffet only available on Every Fri & Sat from 6.30-10.30pm

Price: $75++ per person = Total bill of $176.55 for 2 pax

Payment via Mastercard entitled a 10% off.

A lavish selection of gourmet cusine by RWS Star Chefs from Palio, Osia, Forest森, Feng Shui Inn and RWS Executive Pastry Chef Kenny Wong (All in One buffet at Starz restaurant)

As i'm a dessert lover, i will post the dessert photos first! :P

This was light and refreshing. 

 Hazelnut Passion in Shooter Glass not bad...

This was the most popular and the nicest dessert of the night!

 Love the display of our Singapore Flyer.

Light yummy cheesecake.

This Chocolate Velvet was very rich, quite nice!

My first time seeing Kopi-O Opera Cake! Love the Kopi-O taste, strong and fragrant. Yummy!

Very fragrant cake, Yummy!

This Vanilla Cremexu, Strawberry Salsa cake melted very fast, remember to take this cake first before it gets melted. Nice cake!

Nice Apple Gelato!

My Top favourite - Chawanmushi with Foie Gras. Very smooth egg with yummy Foie Gras!

The baked chicken chop was average...

The taste of the prawn was quite bland...

As you can see, there're more raw food than cooked food here. I don't take raw food so this buffet is not really worth for me at such a high price. If you don't mind raw food, i think you should at least try this buffet once, a good experience to try different food from different popular chef, especially the desserts, very good and nice desserts! The presentation of the food here is not very nice, i think they should put in more effort in this area.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ala Carte Dim Sum Buffet at Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel, Lobby Level) Reservation: 6877 8188

Click Here for an updated review!

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Note: This place is usually full house, reservation is highly recommended!

Visited on 15 Oct (Tues - Public Holiday), 27 Oct 2013 (Sun) 

Revisited on 13 May 2014 (Tues - Public Holiday) and 1st Nov 2014 (Sat).

Weekend Ala Carte Dim Sum Brunch Buffet 

Price: $39++ per person (New Updated Price from Jan 2016)

(Only Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays - Inclusive of Free Flow Chinese Tea)

1st seating: 11.00am - 12.45pm (Last Order: 12.15pm)

2nd seating: 1.15pm - 3.00pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)

The dim sum here are mostly quite light which is good, you won't get sick of it easily. The only minus point of having dim sum here is "Time too short". They only give 1hr 45mins to order and eat which is actually very rush for a Ala Carte buffet. I hope they can increase to 2 hours in case customers are slightly late.

Probably shorter dining time is part of the reason why the price here is only at $38++. So there're pros and cons to dine here. But if given a choice, of course I would rather pay lesser with lesser dining time like Jade here, so that I will keep coming back with this affordable price at such a nice ambience, rather than having to pay $68++ for 3 hours long like some of the hotels did. 

Do note that you won't be able to order anymore after the last order. If you're going for the first seating, the staff will go to each table before 12.45pm to inform you that they need this table now for the next seating and you have to be automatic to go otherwise they will come and chase you again. Haha! So remember to manage your time well, eat more talk less here! Let's see the photos and review on each dim sum i've tried so far.

I love their unique nice entrance....

They have 2 Private dining rooms for big groups!

 I love the abundance of natural light from outside the glass window. Very cosy restaurant!

Braised Bird Nest with Truffle Egg White In Superior Broth

*Only 1 Serving* The broth tasted something like sharksfin soup, a little starchy type but not that tasty and not that thick compared to my previous visits. But i still like the combination of Bird nest with crab meat, egg white and truffle. 

Golden "Mantou" stuffed with Spicy Crab Meat (One Piece Per Diner)

Omg I love the golden mantou so much! The exterior was very crispy and the crab meat was indeed quite spicy! One of my favourites here! Additional $2.80++ per piece!

Boiled Congee with Lobster & Dried Scallop
Generous portion of lobster meat were given and the congee was very tasty too! Very great congee i had!

Steamed Pork Siew Mai with Abalone
I like the mini abalone with crab roe on top of the Siew Mai, very special! Sometimes the abalone was tender but sometimes it was very tough so it really depends on your luck to get which piece!  Haha!

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumplings
This was quite decent, very light taste...

Steamed Custard Bun (Before)
I love the Liu Sha Bao here...Very Very fluffy, fragant and nice! Must try!

Steamed Custard Bun (Now)

They shrunk the size of the liu sha bao now to make it easier for us to eat. But somehow the skin was not as fluffy as it used to be and the taste of the custard was not that aromatic now...

Baked Barbecue Pork Pie
They also shrunk the size of their char siew su.... It used to be very aromatic but now it was just decent...

Deep-fried Golden Cheese Dumplings 

This was such a cute dumpling that i've ever seen! 

Quite plain dumpling, not much taste.. Very cheesy inside.. Be careful of the cheese flow out from your mouth when you bite on it....A bit too cheesy for me though...

Pan-Fried Minced Pork and Chives “Guo Tie”
This was the prettiest Guo Tie i've ever seen! Even if you don't eat this also have to order to take a photoshoot of this beautiful Guo Tie... Hehe.. The taste was decent...

Deep-fried Taro Paste wrapped with Truffle and Mushroom

Love the crispy flaky skin + the Truffle and Mushroom combination was great! Yummy!!

Sautéed Diced Chicken with Lemongrass And Dried Chilli Vinaigrette
1 of the BEST 宫保鸡丁! Love their sauce, very nice + the tender chicken.. Yummy!!

Grill Stewed Lamb Loin
The lamb loin was very tender + the grill was nicely done. Nice!

Crispy Honey Vnaigrette Sliced Sea Bass
This was totally beyond my expectation! The appearance looked normal but the taste was so great!!! Very good appetizer!

Crispy Bean Curd with Chilli Fragrant Salt
This appetizer was simple and nice!

Braised Rice Noodles with Seafood In Silken Egg Gravy
I love their hor fun! The silken egg gravy was very smooth and yummy!  Came with very fresh and quite big slice of fish, squid and big prawn.. Must order!

Roasted Pork Belly with Five Spice and Sea Salt 
I'm glad that the meat was not fatty, it was thin and very tender!

Steamed Char Siew Pau 
The skin was not that fluffy. This was decent..

Sautéed Pork Ribs with Coffee Sauce
The meat a bit fat.. but the coffee sauce was thick...

Pan-fried Shrimp and Pork Bean Curd Roll
     This was very disappointing.. The texture of the skin + the meat & shrimp inside all dry.. 

Pan-fried Radish Cake
This was average...

Crispy Prawn Dumpling
Not crispy enough....

Mini Egg Tart
 I don't really like their egg tart as it's not those melt in the mouth type. This was baked with some ginger that tasted very decent..

Barley Pudding
The pudding was a tad hard, dry and quite sweet...

Lotus Jelly with Green Tea Pudding
This pudding was quite bad. Too dry, a tad hard and no green tea taste.. 

Osthamus Jelly with Red Bean & Green Bean Pudding
The taste was a bit unusual, don't think most people will like it..

Water Chestnut (Hot)
The water chestnut was very aromatic but was a tad too sweet...

2013 Desserts:
Osthamus Jelly with Red Bean & Coconut Pudding
This was the nicest dessert at Jade in 2013 - It's light and refreshing pudding. But i'm sad to say they have stopped doing this wonderful dessert... :(

2013 Desserts:
  Pomelo Mango Sago + Hot White Fungus with Papaya

2013 Desserts:
Hot White Fungus with Pear + Pomelo Mango Sago

It's nice that they have 3 types of dessert ( 1 Cold + 1 Hot Dessert of the day + 1 Pudding ) 
I appreciate their creativity in creating new desserts as the hot dessert & the pudding was always different each time i'm there. But sad to say dessert is not their specialty, none of the desserts I've tried were up to mark. The only saving grace was their Signature Pomelo Mango Sago (But the standard has also dropped now) :(

They always seemed to be short of manpower to handle so many tables. The waiting time of the food here was quite long too. Service was good as we were served by Penny & the manager Yvonne, who is always very polite & helpful.

Though the standard of the food has dropped, but overall this is still quite a Value for Money Ala Carte Dim Sum Buffet, so i will still recommend this place!


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