Lavish Buffet

Lavish Buffet

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Lunch Buffet at Beach Road Kitchen (30 Beach Road - JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, Level 1, Singapore 189763) - Access via Nicoll Highway

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Lunch Buffet ($58++ per adult):
12:00 - 14:30 (Mon - Fri)
12:00 - 15:00 (Sat)

Sunday Brunch Buffet ($108++ per adult):
12:00 - 15:00 (Sun)

Dinner Buffet ($78++ per adult):
18:00 - 22:00 (Mon-Sun)

Note: No Credit Card Promotion and No Carpark Coupon provided

Visited on 13 May 2017 (Sat). Beach Road Kitchen is a new all-day dining restaurant of JW Marriott. In case you have missed out this hotel, it is located just opposite Suntec City. FYI, Beach Road Kitchen is not inside the main hotel building, but situated at a separate building beside the hotel main entrance.

Let's look at the photos of the huge Beach Road Kitchen restaurant below! 
You can hold gatherings for family and friends here!

Alfresco Seating

Make your own salad

 Or try out the whole room of Antipasti!
Wow! This whole area consists of seafood and antipasti selection. Be spoilt for your choice of antipasti as their executive chef "Stefano Di Salvowas" is from Italy! Impressive selection! Let's look at some of the selection below!

Spring Bay Mussels

Scallop on Shell

Sea Snails

French Cockles

Smoked Mackerel (Left)

Smoked Snow Fish

Sword Fish

Scallop Ceviche (Left), Pickled Mackerel


2nd Row: Salmon Roulade, Anchovy Tomato Caryaccio, Marinated Sardine
Bottom Row: Squid Salad, Prawns Chickpeas Salad, Octopus Salad

Tuna Tartare

Salmon Tartare

Salmon Rillette


Cod Rillette


 Prawns On Ice

Snow Crab

Cheese & Charcuterie Counter

Selection of Salami and Chorizo


Beach Road Kitchen's Signature Laksa

Corn Soup

Old Cucumber Soup

Bread Selection

Baked Salmon

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 

Plain Cheese Pizza

Excellent Mushroom Pizza with Black Truffle Paste 
I usually don't take pizza at buffets as I feel most of them were not good. But I was very surprised that this mushroom pizza with truffle turned out to be my favourite here! In fact, I had 3 pieces! Hahaha.. They were freshly made on the spot. The generous mushroom topping was enhanced with the taste of truffle. Look out for this signature pizza when you're here!

Charcoal Grill Station Selection

Beef Prime Rib

(Everyone's Favourite)

 L.A. Galbi Short Ribs

 Lamb Chop
The lamb chop was truly awesome... The meat was grilled till medium, tender, juicy and full of flavour!

Grilled Prawns & Squid

I just couldn't get enough of the squid! Peppery and savory, the seasoning was really "Power"! You have to try it to know what I mean ;) Prawns were also grilled just right, charred at the edges and tender in the middle!

Beef and Chicken Satay

Char Kway Teow

Deep Fried Fish with Pineapple Chilli Sauce

Black Pepper Prawns
Prawns were fresh and succulent, paired with the spicy yummy black pepper sauce!

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Stir Fried Asian Vegetables

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Condiments

Cabbage Dumpling

Char Siew Pau

Soon Kueh

Cooked food selection (Indian, French etc)

Pumpkin Soup

Lamb Stew

Coq au vin
Coq au vin is a French dish of chicken braised with wine, lardons and mushrooms.

Dessert Station

Strawberry Eclairs

Dulcey Vanilla Hazelnut

I love to see Tiramisu at buffets! But I was quite disappointed with the Tiramisu here as the mascarpone cheese was way over creamy that you can't even taste any espresso inside. I can hardly find any sponge finger too, there wasn't a balance in it. Hope the chef can improve in this.

Cheese Mousse, Almond Crumble

Mango Shortcake

Macaroon Berries

Raspberry Chocolate Cremeux Dome

Yuzu Chocolate

Nonya Kueh

Banana Cupcake/Gula Melaka Financier/Fruit Mochi

Steamed Tapioca with Coconut Cream/Amaretti/Black Sesame Tart


Beach Road Kitchen Coconut Ice-Cream

High quality coconut gelato!

Soft Serve Ice-Cream
(Flavour of the day: Chocolate & Vanilla)

Ice-Cream Toppings

Get Ice Cream Cone inside container for your soft serve ice-cream!

Waffle & Crepe Station

My first time seeing such a huge selection of candy and marshmallows in jars!

Overall Impression: I was really quite impressed with the food and dessert selection at Beach Road Kitchen especially the Grill and the Antipasti sections. The arrangement of the antipasti section made it look like the room was filled with food! 

Food quality was actually much better than I expected. Desserts were exquisite in appearance but tasted decent. Hope the pastry chef can improve the taste of the dessert to bring up the overall quality. 

Although the restaurant was less than half filled due to it being still new, the clearing of plates was relatively slow. But I can't really fault them on their effort as the shortage of manpower could be seen. Even the manager was quite frantically trying to clear the plates... Overall the service was still quite alright.

I would highly recommend this place as the selection of food alone was quite impressive. Hope to see improvements in the taste of the dessert and perhaps can add sorbet to the ice-cream selection ;)

The grand hotel lift lobby at carpark level!

Nearest Mrt: Esplanade

Carpark Rates
Park at South Beach Tower (Search for Hotel Lobby)
38 Beach Road, S(189767)
Before 5/6 PM
$2.40/hr from 7am to 5pm 
After 5/6 PM
$3.50/entry from 5pm to 7am the following day 
$5.00/entry from 7am to 7am the following day 
$5.00/entry from 7am to 7am the following day